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Master Moody Mutz - America Runs On Graff

So I went to the Master Moody Mutz, America Runs On Graff show last Saturday at the Pandemic Gallery in Brooklyn. I got there early and had a chance to kick it with the main man himself. I know him from Brooklyn, we grew up in the same neighborhood. The guy is a legend in the graff scene, I remember seeing him up a lot in the 90's. 

Being I was there early I had a chance at the pick of the litter, so I took advantage and copped something. A lot of writers showed up later in the event and I got to see people I knew and share some laughs and some free cold beers. I don't really write, but I hit a few Black-books anyway; it was fun. The show runs through June 23rd - July 15th so make sure you check it out.

Here are a few pictures I took. I copped the Moody Star Eyes. I just think it's very pop and looks dope!

Star Eyes

Pac Mutz & Moody Cola

Flying M Bolt

Also be sure to check out the rest of the collection at Pandemic's Flickr. Album 1 & Album 2

Written by Jerry Hayes — June 28, 2012

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